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Spider Treatments

Protect yourself, your children, your pets with a spider spray

We apply a surface spray that is licensed and formulated for spider control. It is applied to eaves, gutters, downpipes, around windows and doors, under your patio furniture, your fence line, letterbox, wheelie bins, cubby house, shed and any other area we feel needs treating and where spiders may be hiding. It kills the spiders already there and leaves a repellent barrier behind to stop them coming back.  

Have a look at for a list of Australian spider species, you may be amazed at how many there are and we only see a fraction of them around our houses.

Ants and other Creepy Crawlies...

If you need to control ants, we can help. Please call Steve on 0407 931 722 to discuss which treatments are available. Our broad spectrum insecticides treat a whole range of insects inside and out, but remember, all insecticides are toxic to some extent so if you are having your home treated be sure to keep everyone, including pets, inside if we are spraying outside, and if we are spraying inside, we recommend leaving your house for a couple of hours. Please call us to talk about your pest control needs!